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Finding your best fragrance is a journey, and more and more of us are discovering that our ‘signature scent’ may make room in our perfume closet.
But if collecting dozens of delicate bottles isn’t conducive to your space, there’s another option: perfume oils.
Not only do perfume oils tend to be less expensive, but they also often come in small rollerball-shaped containers, making them more convenient to keep on hand or in your bag for touch-ups. Many people also prefer to use oils, as their targeted use makes it easier to control how much scent you actually apply.

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However, there are a few things to know about perfume oils: The scent does not tend to last as long as traditional eau de toilette or eau de parfum, so proper packaging is also essential for reuse purposes.
Another thing to watch out for: Because perfumes are suspended in a carrier oil instead of alcohol, they expire faster than traditional perfumes. The good news is that these scents are worth obsessing over, so you can easily use them before that happens. Read on for the best essential oils to add to your collection.

best perfume oil brands:

1.Byredo Blanche L'Huile Parfum

Although fragrance is very personal, there are some scents that are universally appreciated. According to Dominic Hobday, Senior Business Editor, this is one of them, and I agree. “When I go to dinner at a friend’s house, I bring a bottle of Clean Slate Riesling with me because it’s hard not to like it,” she says. “When it comes to my fragrance collection, Blanche works the same way. It’s a clean, fresh scent that’s hard to deny. It’s perfect for layering and palatable but, somehow, not boring at all. The floral top notes and musky base notes create a beautiful skin-like scent that blends easily.”

characteristics of quality perfume oil

2.Lumira No352 Perfume Oil

If you are looking for an essential oil to accompany you on a night out, this is the product for you. The fragrance leans towards a more traditionally masculine feel, although I think it can be quite wearable for both men and women.
Notes of leather, cedarwood, ground spices, musk, lavender and more work in harmony to create a sensual, musky scent with a hint of sweetness that comes to life as it settles into the skin. It wears well for a few hours, and it’s easy to keep the small recyclable glass bottle in your bag, so you can reapply it as needed.
I also appreciate that the scent is clear, but it’s not in your face or headache-inducing – it has just the right amount of prominence. Finally, it works great as a layered fragrance – I love mixing it with sweeter scents to give it a nighttime twist.

3.Phlur Missing Person Fragrance Oil

Considering how popular the eau de parfum version of this scent has been in the past year, it’s no surprise that the brand is building a fragrance franchise – my personal favorite being this fragrance oil. If you’re not familiar with the scent, it’s a floral musk that has a lingering leather-like scent. Quite familiar, it features a blend of musk, jasmine, neroli, orange blossom, sandalwood and more, creating a romantic, wearable fragrance.

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4.By Rosie Jane Dulce Perfume Oil

I loved the scent so much that I knew I needed a portable version, and what could be better than this little essential oil? It starts with a whiff of warm vanilla, but let it sit for a minute, and you’ll notice that the notes of chocolate, musk, and hinoki wood give it a unique touch. It’s sugary, but balanced by a subtle woody note that makes it wearable.

 I love being warm and cozy for cold days and nights, but it’s also versatile enough that it somehow reminds me of enjoying a chocolate ice cream cone in the height of summer. 

In other words, it’s great for year-round wear. If you are looking for a sweet and comforting essential oil, I highly suggest trying this one.

5.Nest New York Balinese Coconut Perfume

If you like beachy scents that have tropical notes but aren’t overly sweet, I think you’ll really enjoy this fragrance oil from Nest New York. Even though it is a coconut fragrance, it is not too milky or sugary, it smells like real fresh coconut rather than artificial fruit. 

The gardenia creates a slight floral glow, and the addition of salty musk really enhances it as a summer beach fragrance. Imagine yourself sitting by the ocean, drinking coconut water, and applying a generous layer of sunscreen – that’s what this smells like. This light SPF component reduces the sweetness to make it a little more complex than other coconut fragrances, making it wearable for a wider audience.

6.Lumira Cuban Tobacco Perfume Oil

I’m obsessed with unique and intense scents, so it’s no surprise that it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with this fragrance. I love that you can really detect the diversity of spices in the fragrance.
At first, I was struck by the obvious clove and tobacco scent, but as it blended with my skin, I started to notice hints of patchouli, cardamom, and tangerine. In some ways, it reminds me of what home smells like, or rather what a really luxurious boutique hotel lobby might smell like. But somehow, it smells nice on the skin, and I love applying it before going out to dinner. If you are a fan of spicy scents, I encourage you to try this amazing fragrance from Lumira. The bonus cites the brand for its focus on sourcing ingredients sustainably and creating recyclable packaging.

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