Occasion-based fragrances: The perfect fragrance for every occasion

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Occasion-based fragrances

When we choose Occasion-based fragrances, we often also choose clothes, accessories, and the perfect makeup as an essential and integral part of the complete look. But unfortunately most people forget about perfumes.

Perfume is the fingerprint we leave when we enter a room, and the signature we leave when we leave. Coco Chanel said: “A woman who does not wear perfume has no future.” As far-fetched as that statement sounds, I think she was onto something.
Finding and using your fragrance is a purposeful act, just like every step you take toward your future. You must first find the scent that speaks to you. Then you have to know if it is suitable for every occasion.

Occasion-based fragrances: The most popular perfume categories

To help you find the right fragrance for you, here’s a breakdown of some of the most popular fragrance categories right now and when you should wear them.


Floral fragrance is like spring every year: a breath of fresh air. Floral scents are among the most popular perfumes on the market. They are light, elegant and ostentatious young men. Wearing a floral perfume is appropriate for any occasion if it is not overdone.

Fragrances for different occasions


Compared to floral fragrances, green fragrances smell more natural and less sweet. The green fragrance contains undertones of fresh grass and tea tree oil. Unless you like this scent, I wouldn’t recommend green perfumes for formal occasions because they smell too reminiscent of the outdoors.

Fragrances for evening


Woody fragrances are one step more natural than green fragrances and two steps more masculine than floral fragrances. Woody-toned perfumes are usually a mixture of pine, sandalwood, tobacco and synthetic smoke. Woody fragrances are heavier, which is great for fall and winter.


warm and spicy

A warm and spicy fragrance is a heavier, richer scent that is usually worn when the weather is cold. Undertones of amber, cloves, cinnamon and musk are usually found in warm and spicy perfumes. The caveat with woody, warm and spicy fragrances is that not all of them are suitable for wearing while eating.


Fragrances for special occasions

Occasion-based fragrances: Find your perfect perfume

I chose the right shoes for the occasion. Appropriate outfit. Even the right hairstyle. So why should your perfume be chosen with anything less than the same care?

Gone are the days when one bottle was all you needed. Nowadays, a man’s top shelf or perfume organizer must pack a collection of beautifully designed bottles if he is to hold out any hope of continuing in life.


The goal of a nine-to-five grind is to disrupt the corner office, not to whiff like the old leather chair inside it. Any sane employer would turn up his nose at an employee who smells of perfume, and whose scent enters the office before him.

So what does team spirit smell like? Something light and aromatic will freshen the air around you, without annoying your colleague in the office next door. In other words, choose light scents when you’re over charcoal to save yourself from getting burned.

Citrus scents are a particularly good choice. However, they tend to diminish more quickly than others, so keep a bottle or travel spray in your bag to top up midday.


Fragrances for parties

Whether you’ve mis-scented yourself down to P45 or are simply ready to move on to pastures new, your scent — as well as your appearance — is key when facing a potential employer.

Unless you’re being interviewed by Google in an airy San Francisco office, you’re likely crammed into a cubicle in a conference room, which means overdoing the toilet water could lead to everyone in the room gassing.

A clean, subtle scent should be your olfactory weapon of choice. It is the weakest of all perfume formulations (contains only 1-3% essential oils), allowing you to leave a lasting impression but without causing sneezing attacks on your resume.


We are sure that your amazing personality will do most of the work. But to secure a second date, you need to leave a good impression on your partner’s mind

Science here takes precedence over experience. Olfactory memory is the strongest in the human brain. This means you want to aim for something your date has never smelled before (especially with your ex) by picking unique scents like pomegranate, bamboo, and coconut.

Fragrances for everyday wear


Once you cross the age of 25, the marriage contagion starts spreading among your friends and family like wildfire. Aside from being an excuse to polish your shoes and show off your best, it is also an opportunity to inhale a special scent.

Weddings are so formal that it would be a mistake not to smell as smart as you look.

To go the distance, choose an eau de parfum. In contrast to fresh perfumes, perfumes usually have the highest percentage of essential oils, allowing them to stay put until the last slow song comes on at two in the morning.

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