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Musk scent

Before getting to know the exciting world of musk…in the world of perfumes, scents tend to fall into certain general categories such as earthy, floral, fruity, or sweet scents. Then, there’s the exotic: musk, which happens to be a unique and distinct fragrance that catches the eye and can give people a deep feeling when they take a whiff.

Although musk has actually been used in perfumes for centuries, the evocative scent has slowly risen to popularity again.

 “Musk is now a truly modern scent, and has always been a staple in personal fragrances,” says Karina Chaz, founder of fragrance brand Dedcool. “It is usually found in sweet or woody and earthy scents, and tends to be a scent appreciated by sophisticated perfumers.”

 If you have ever smelled a musk fragrance, you will understand its complexity and allure.

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Musk Scent: get to know it closely

heavy floral scents

Part of understanding musk is knowing its original source. “Traditional musk is an animal byproduct of deer secretion,” says Chaz.
Because the scent is animalic in nature, it has sensual undertones, explains Sue Phillips, perfume expert and founder of custom fragrance company Scenterprises.
“These animals excreted a very strong odor, which made the other animals sexually aroused,” she says. These days, perfumers use synthetic musk to mimic the scent.

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Musk Scent: Amazing scent with great features

The thing about musk is that it is unlike any other perfume, so it is difficult to describe. Phillips likens it to body odor, but in a good, loving way.
“It’s very special, spicy, sexy and sensual,” she says. “Sometimes people call it B.O. because these odors somehow come from glands.”
She points to the 1960s as a time when musk was particularly popular, as one of the key elements of the free love movement was to shower less for days on end.
“What happens is that the sweat gets absorbed into the hair, and that’s where the musk smell comes from,” Phillips says, though he points out that a bottled synthetic musk fragrance will have a smoother, cleaner scent than a synthetic musk scent. You know, holding the body.

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Find the right musk perfume for you

Heretic Florgasm Eau de Parfum

With a spritz of this fragrance, your nose picks up the intoxicating blend of botanical musk, florals like orange blossom, jasmine, and spicy pink pepper that will leave you smelling fresh and inviting all day long.

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Glossier You

spicy Glossier musk fragrance

The spicy Glossier musk fragrance is known for smelling slightly different on each person. Beauty editor Zoe Weiner (who wears the perfume almost daily) says that it “intoxicating to the point that it makes me dizzy,” and says that one inhale makes her feel “euphoric.” Enough said.

Elizabeth And James Nirvana White Pure Perfume Oil

A little of this slightly sensual floral essential oil will give your skin a sophisticated scent. Musk is a base note, supported by peony and muguet, which is one of my favorites in light floral scents.

D.S. & Durga Rose Atlantic

DS & Durga is a fragrance brand created by a husband and wife team in Brooklyn, New York.
The scent of Rose Atlantic is reminiscent of a refreshing summer breeze and the smell of some fresh fruits, with hints of salt water, rose, musk and lemon. Some sprays will trick you into thinking that summer will never end.

St. Rose Gypsy Cowboy

This wonderful scent that draws its inspiration from sustainability and perfect hygiene. It smells like Stevie Nicks in a bottle: earthy and grassy, with notes of musk, pepper, ginger and cardamom. It is a rock star fragrance that amazes everyone who smells it.

spicy Glossier musk fragrance

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