Light vs Heavy Floral Scents: which is better?

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Floral Scents

Within a wide range of scents, a group of floral scents emerges. Some tend to be more subtle, while others have a rather strong and stubborn influence.
But how can you tell the difference between light and heavy floral scents and what should you expect once you read the fragrance description?

 Well, it requires some basic knowledge of flowers, but after completing this article, you should have a clearer view about these two terms.

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Floral Scents: How can you identify a light floral scent?

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This may seem a little strange to you, but in fact, all floral scents have a strong enough sensation.
The truth is that, as perfumers, we do not measure the strength or product of a fragrance, rather the effect or sensation it provides. Hence the ambiguous term “light” actually means fresh. Yes, you can say “delicate” or “delicate” but in no case can we mean that light flowers have a light feel or a weak scent. In fact, one of the strongest essential oils you can find is Rose Garden which is classified as light floral.


Some bright examples of light floral scents are rose, peony, geranium, and tuberose (by the way, these are the so-called “rose flowers”), as well as violets, lilies, hyacinths, bluebells, and lilacs (“lily flowers”).

So, next time you read the term “light floral” try to imagine a fresh, playful, invigorating spring-like and slightly green scent.

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Floral Scents: How can you identify heavy floral ?

Intoxicating, intoxicating, narcotic In these terms we can define the feeling that heavy smells will give you
A real example of heavy scents is jasmine, and if you’re used to its very stimulating scent, you’ll have no problem recognizing the rest of the family like gardenia, frangipani, orchid, and ylang-ylang.

In general, heavy floral scents evoke feelings of sensuality and opulence, which is why it goes without saying that they suit oriental blends best.

Here are the best floral scents ideal for your perfume list

Dior Dioriviera Eau de Parfum

“We have truly professed our love for Durivier, but we will take any opportunity to sing the fragrance’s praises.
Every time you spray the fragrance, you will be instantly transported to the south of France, where Maison master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian found himself inspired to create this Fig & Rose fragrance.
It has a light and airy composition with hints of sweetness that kept me on repeat all summer long. —Samantha Hollander, beauty editor

Diptyque Paris Fleur De Peau Eau De Parfum

Dina Campbell, Beauty Director, says:
“Fleur De Peau is the epitome of a garden oasis in a bottle filled with the heady scent of iris and ambrette seed extract extracted from hibiscus flowers. But don’t feel overpowering, it dries down to a cottony, soft scent, perfect for day, evening or when you want to turn heads. I promise it’s one you’ll grab Over and over again. —Dina Campbell, Beauty Director

Yves Saint Laurent Libre Eau de Parfum Spray

If you refuse to accept light floral perfumes, we advise you to reconsider this perfume
You will fall in love with this Libre fragrance. It is true that it is classified as a warm floral fragrance. It consists of notes such as lavender, neroli and musk, giving it a base scent topped with lighter floral accents. One spray lasts me all day, and the bottle looks so timeless on my vanity. It’s sophisticated and fun at the same time, making it perfect for wearing at night or to the office in the morning. 

LouLou Damour Eau de Parfum

“This perfume by LouLou D’Amour is one of those everyday fragrances that you can use in the spring and summer. It is full of floral notes like green hyacinth, lily of the valley and peony, sweetened with a touch of grapefruit, and balanced with more masculine elements like cedarwood, jasmine and vegetal musk. The result is Perfect fragrance for someone who loves the scent of flowers, but never wants to smell like a real flower.

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