Fragrance storage: Tips for storing perfume in an perfect way

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fragrance storage

The best way to fragrance storage and keep it fresh for as long as possible is to hide it away – seriously.

Dark, dry places are the best places to store perfume. Catacombs in a closet or dark box are ideal for storing a brand new perfume bottle. But how long will the new fragrance last? Not only do perfumes dilute and lose their delicious appeal over time, but discoloration can lead to an unpleasant perfume smell. If stored incorrectly, perfume can start to spoil after a few months. To combat this, here are these tips on how to store perfume.

fragrance storage

Storing perfumes: secrets you need to know

1.Keep the bottle closed until the first spray

It is important to note that the fragrance will remain pure until opened. Introducing the perfume bottle to oxygen causes the scent inside to dilute and oxidize. 

With more oxygen and less scent in the bottle, the scent will naturally diffuse.

 The clock starts ticking after the first use, so keep this in mind when launching a new fragrance. This will inevitably lead toextend the shelf life of fragrance

2.Store your perfume in a dark place

Perfume bottles can be as extravagant as small chandeliers – when the sun hits them, rainbows and crystal faces scatter across your bedroom. However, it should not be kept as a centerpiece in your wardrobe. 
Unfortunately, the introduction of light breaks down the makeup of the perfumed liquid and can also melt its bottle if it is plastic. 
To avoid altering fragrance-sensitive DNA, fragrance storage In a place free of natural and man-made light to make your perfume last longer.

3.Store your perfume in a dry place

H2O is a force to be reckoned with. Similar to other materials, water damage will destroy the fragrance. 

Humidity affects the make-up of a fragrance and can cause unwanted chemical reactions. This can be difficult to avoid if you are in a humid environment, so if this is the case, be extra aware. 

Do you have a room with a dehumidifier? This is the perfect place to store your perfumes to prevent your perfume from evaporating.

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4.Avoid storing your perfume in the bathroom

Yes, it is called eau de toilette. No, it should not be stored in the bathroom.

The most common storage mistake of perfume owners is keeping bottles in the bathroom.

Emphasizing the need to store your perfumes in a dry place, bathrooms are characterized by extreme humidity and temperature fluctuations – the perfect combination for a perfume graveyard. Instead, find a cabinet or cupboard outside the bathroom to store your perfume.

5.Keep your perfume in the original box

When in doubt, look no further than the original box of the perfume. While cardboard may seem flimsy and irrelevant, these boxes were made to hold aromatic elixirs inside.

Storing a bottle inside the original box can greatly increase the life of the scent. When paired with a dark dresser or cabinet, you have a fail-safe way to carry substance.

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6.Store scents on a low-level shelf

While this may seem obvious, it is an important tip to keep in mind. Keeping a top-notch perfume on the top shelf is a recipe for downfall. 

Spilling a bottle of perfume is sad, unnecessary, and can leave a room smelling strong for weeks. Even if the bottle doesn’t break, the turbulence on landing can break the chemical bonds and destroy the scent. 

Aim low when storing your perfume in a shelving area. If you’re trying to figure out how to display perfume, low shelves are the most risk-free storage option!

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7.Keep the bottle tightly closed when not in use

Oxygen is the worst enemy of perfumes. Rushing to work or the club is a typical ritual that we all go through.

While you may leave behind your wallet or keys, don’t forget to put a cap on that perfume bottle. Leaving the bottle unopened even for a few hours can destroy the balance of the mixture and stimulate its evaporation.

8.Avoid excessive shaking of the perfume bottle

While it may seem that a little shake can help shake up the scent of perfume, it does just the opposite. Similar to our pesky friendly oxygen, agitating perfume leads to unwanted oxidation via the bubbles in our favorite scents.

Not to mention, most perfumes are made of delicate chemical bonds and complex mixtures that can be easily broken.

The combination of viscous formulas and porous formulas can leave you with an undesirable science fair project rather than an attractive accessory.

9.Choose long-lasting perfumes

No matter how you store your perfumes, some fragrance notes naturally last longer than others. Green, citrus, and floral fragrances tend to expire more quickly than other fragrances, while scents like oud will maintain their shape for longer periods of time.

For a complete list of scents that last all day and won’t go out of style quickly.

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