Celebrity perfumes: Here is a list of the best celebrity perfumes

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Celebrity perfumes

In fact, Celebrity Perfumes proved to us that the talent of celebrities is not limited to singing, acting, and dancing – they have created some amazing and iconic fragrances as well. What’s incredible about celebrity perfumes is that truly outstanding fragrances have stood the test of time. Some of the celebrity scents have been bestsellers for more than 30 years.

Luckily for us, we were able to test a handful of classics (plus a few starters) that took us back in time. Some scents delighted our minds and senses, while others made us wink. To help narrow down our huge selection of fragrances, we saved you time and picked the best celebrity fragrances on the market.

List of the best celebrity perfumes

Best Overall: Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Perfume

Launched in 2005, Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker really smells like: lovely. With notes of mandarin, bergamot, rosewood, lavender, and apple martini, this pick has a pleasantly floral and musky scent that resembles a rich Manhattan scent.

We love that this fragrance smells so much more than it costs. Plus, many reviewers rave about all the compliments they get while wearing Lovely.

The only downside is that the cap comes off very easily – if you’re traveling with this bottle, we recommend putting it in a plastic bag in case it spills.

Best Budget: Jennifer Lopez Glow

Glow by JLo is one of those choices that has stood the test of time, and it is one of the best celebrity perfumes. This perfume was released in 2002! However, this fragrance is still a celebrity favorite, and features notes of neroli, grapefruit, and neroli.
When she created this fragrance 20 years ago, Lopez reportedly wanted to capture the scent of freshly washed skin: soapy, sweet, and clean. So, if the smell of clean laundry is not your favorite, then this perfume will not be suitable for your personality.
While we like the fresh scent, we don’t like the packaging – the bottle looks a bit cheap compared to other celebrity fragrances on the market.

Best Splurge: Fenty Eau de Parfum

Rihanna once again succeeded in classifying another category in the cosmetics industry: Perfume industry. Fenty perfume features a warm and wonderful floral scent that will make you addictive. Top notes include magnolia, musk, mandarin and Bulgarian rose. We love that this pick is long-lasting and comes in a simple yet elegant bottle. One of the biggest negatives is that this perfume is expensive. At $140 a bottle, it’s our most expensive pick on this list.

Best Packaging: Ariana Grande Cloud Eau de Parfum Spray

This perfume is one of the best celebrity perfumes ever, and its scent consists of a youthful and refreshing scent with warm and spicy notes.

This pick sets itself apart because it smells sugary yet woody and includes notes of coconut cream, almond, and vanilla orchid. Besides all of the above, we love the fun packaging and bottle.

While we love the scent, we’ve noticed that the scent doesn’t last long.

best Floral: Dolly Parton Scent from Above

If you like very sweet-smelling perfumes, Scent from Up by Dolly Parton might be your next signature scent. This fragrance has a floral and fruity aroma, with top notes that include mandarin, blackcurrant, pear and peony. We love how pretty the bottle is (that little pink butterfly is so cute) and we also love the price point too. On the other hand, the scent may not be for everyone – this selection smells very sweet and may be off-putting to anyone looking for more woody or musky fragrances.

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Best Woody:Katy Perry Killer Queen

This fruity fragrance by Katy Perry has top notes of forest fruits, plum and bergamot. It’s a fun, fun scent that’s anything but “old lady.

” We love that the packaging gives off Queen of Hearts vibes, but the actual bottle is a little unwieldy. It does not stand upright on its own, so you will have to place it on its side when displaying it in your perfume collection.

However, we like the price for the amount of product you get (the bottle is larger than you’d expect) and we like the authenticity of the sleek-looking bottle.

Which is considered one of the best perfume bottles

Best Fruity: Britney Spears Fantasy

One spray of this wonderful perfume and you will be transported back in time to the middle of the first decade of the twenty-first century, and in fact, this is not bad at all.

. This iconic fragrance by Britney Spears was released in 2005 and offers perfume notes of delicious fruits, fresh florals and warm woods.

Although it has fruity and musky notes, many people like to compare this fragrance to smelling like cotton candy – it is very sweet. Cons of this choice include cheap-looking packaging, a loose fragrance cap, and the fact that the scent doesn’t last long on the skin.

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What do you look for in a celebrity perfume?

Fragrance notes

In addition to the celebrities you love, you need to peek at the ingredient list to find the scent that suits you best. If you are a fan of spicy or musky fragrances and you choose a floral scent that is too sweet, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Think about what scents you’re drawn to, or that pair well with your body chemistry, and look for those scents. Words like fresh, woody, floral, and gourmand (sweet) can also help guide you through this list as well.

Perfume packaging

We usually say never to judge a book by its cover, but in this case, we’re giving you a pass: You can judge a perfume by its bottle. Now, if you love the scent but hate the bottle design, it might be worth trying. However, perfume bottles are often small display pieces as well, so, ideally, you’ll love the whole thing – the fragrance as well as its packaging.

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